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What you need to keep in mind when returning a rented car

What you need to keep in mind when returning a rented car

Renting a car is becoming easier. Especially now, when you can check-in online and pick it up in a few minutes from one of the Enterprise offices. Also, we assure you once again of our commitment to the “Complete Clean Pledge”: we constantly improve the necessary protocols for cleaning each car, emphasizing strict sanitation and disinfection procedures, to protect the health of all involved in the car rental process.

Renting a clean and high-performance car is easy. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to make the return process just as easy:

Plan your route so you can deliver the car on time

On the Enterprise website or directly from our representatives, you can opt for a long-term rental (over 3 months) or a short-term rental (for a few hours, days, or weeks). Regardless of the chosen option, you can pick up the chosen car in a few minutes, thanks to our contactless car rental service. Therefore, for us, each refund must be made within the agreed time. To avoid an additional charge, we recommend that you plan your route. If you have chosen to return the car to a city other than the one from which you picked it up and you are not sure of the address or working hours, you can contact us at any time by phone or you can check the address of each delivery point on our website.

Put on your list a visit to the gas station

Regarding the fuel tank, the applied policy is simple: return the car with the same amount of fuel it had on receipt. For more safety, you can take a picture at the gas station, immediately after you have taken the car. You can check the return policy at any time on our website or in the rental documents.

Gather all your personal belongings

Sunglasses, children’s toys, bank cards, diaries are just some of the small but important things you can forget in the car. To avoid this, review the entire car again and check if you have collected all your personal belongings before returning it. Even the packaging from the sweets enjoyed on the road, which you set out to throw at the first gas station! And, most importantly, make sure you take all the documents received from us when you rented the car.

Let us know if you notice any malfunctions of the rented car

The comfort and safety of Enterprise’s customers are our number 1 priority. Therefore, it is very important for us that each car meets the most demanding standards of comfort and operation. The Enterprise Fleet is evaluated and renewed periodically to comply with the standards expected by our customers. On long journeys, small inconveniences or technical errors that require repairs can be observed only by the driver, therefore we appreciate any notification received from our customers regarding the malfunctions of the rented car. Each notification is processed immediately, and the notified irregularities will be settled as a matter of priority!

Provides suggestions for improving services

For us, any feedback is a gift. If you want to improve a certain process within the car rental service or if you have encountered difficulties in communicating with Enterprise representatives, please let us know. You can leave us direct feedback, to our representatives, when returning the car or you can send us a message on the Enterprise website. Thank you from now on for your involvement!

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