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Rent a car Sibiu

Being one of the most spectacular destinations in Romania, Sibiu is an important university center, but also a road and rail link, making it a very developed city in all its aspects, its history not falling anymore, and being also a reason why he attracts thousands of tourists for years.

Although not a big city, its cultural and historical heritage makes it a top destination, ideal for crossing the city, the tourist attractions both in the city and its surroundings are not to be missed during your vacation here.

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Do you travel to Sibiu?

Apart from its cultural background, in Sibiu you will find plenty of ethnic, including Germans, Jews, Hungarians and Roma, giving this city a very attractive multicultural character, with which we invite you to get acquainted with your roads to make them in Sibiu and which, in order to optimize the time spent in sightseeing, we recommend that you take them with your personal or rented car.

If you are already curious what to see in Sibiu, well here you will find plenty of museums, churches, heritage buildings and, of course, a unique landscape regardless of the season you are going to visit.

If you did not come with your own car in Sibiu, Enterprise Rent a Car invites you to discover the Sibiu car rental offer, choose your ideal holiday car and start adventure because the city will surely delight even the most critical tourists with the air or modern and bohemian.

Arini Parc

A particularly quiet place for rest or evening walks, Park Arini has been part of Sibiu’s life for more than a century and a half, when it has become a true botanical garden where you can find over 70 plant species.

It is a perfect place for recreation after visiting some of the main sights in Sibiu.

Historical Center

This is a place where you will not be able to enter the car, which is a great help to stand outside, where the tourist objectives do not end.

In the historic center of Sibiu you will find two squares, several towers full of historical loads such as the Tower of the Council, the Tower of the Ladder, the Tower of the Potters, the Tower of Gross, the Tower of the Carpenters and the Tour of the Priests, as well as museums like Brukental and churches belonging to several religious cultures. centuries of history and history.

The Zoological Garden

Certainly, a great place to visit is the Zoological Garden in Sibiu, recognized as one of the beautiful and tidy in the country.

In order to get here you definitely need a car, so do not hesitate to call for car rentals in Sibiu because in order to provide the necessary place for the animals, the Zoo was built 4 kilometers from the city and it is difficult and tiring to get here on foot then walk through the generous park that hosts plenty of animal and bird species.

Cheap car hire in Sibiu

A successful vacation means ticking all the targets in that city, but also an expense that will make you want to come back on the first occasion! This reason and the desire to help you when it comes to travel is enough for Enterprise Rent a Car to make every day everything possible to offer you cheap car rentals in Sibiu so if you did not travel by car personal, do not be impeded by walking around Sibiu and its attractive surroundings. Whether you need a car that offers generous space or a small, economical car, Enterprise Rent a Car has a solution for every pocket. Just ask our consultants for customized offers and we guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for in the car.

Van rental in Sibiu

The moments when you move to a new city for a while, or why not, for the most part, are the most challenging in terms of uttering all things. Enterprise Rent a Car comes to meet you with viable solutions to ease this challenge and help you move as simple as possible without extreme spending or many roads. Choose van rental in Sibiu and you will not have any problems in moving things from one place to another. The prices are advantageous and the services, you will convince yourself, are at the highest standards, because we want to have only satisfied customers!

Information on Sibiu airport

Sibiu Airport is the main place where you can rent the cars offered by Enterprise Rent a Car, so we are waiting for you in our representative for a customized offer according to your needs and your budget. Economy cars, SUVs, vanes or even luxury cars are part of our offer we are waiting for in Sibiu and beyond. Rent your favorite car and get on the road, Sibiu is a city where you do not deserve to waste your time walking, having so many remarkable sights to see and, often, so little time at your disposal.

How can you quickly rent a car in Sibiu?

To quickly rent a car in Sibiu, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page. When picking up the car, you will need the driver’s valid driver license, issued for at least 12 months, a valid identity card or passport and an embossed credit/debit card, with sufficient funds available for the security deposit.

What are the costs for renting a car in Sibiu?

The costs for renting a car in Sibiu fluctuate and depend on the class of the car, its capacity, the season and the number of days for which you rent.

Why rent a car in Sibiu from Enterprise?

Rent a car in Sibiu from Enterprise and gain freedom of movement. You will be able to organize your trip to Sibiu as you like, you will be able to explore the city and its surroundings and you will spend your time exactly as you wish.

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