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A long way to Northern Europe

A long way to Northern Europe

When is it too early to think about Christmas? Because we have already opened the calendar and started to do the calculations. This is how we remembered Santa Claus and his village in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Did the preparations start there? In this article we suggest you go on a long journey to Northern Europe. Please let us know if you find Santa at home.


The city of the four seasons (in a day spent in this city you can experience all 4 seasons) and the Little Mermaid will charm you on the spot.

In Havn (before Copenhagen) you will find 2 of the best restaurants in the world, the Tivoli Gardens with the best roller coaster in Europe (Vertigo coaster – designated in 2014), the Little Mermaid statue (given as a gift to the city by Carl Jacobsen, the father Carlsberg beer), Kronburg Castle (called Hamlet’s Castle, from Shakespeare’s play) and Christiania, the freest place in Europe.

Copenhagen’s hipster district offers a place for art galleries and reggae music vendors alike. Nyhavn, the port district that appears on the cover of all tourist guides, is the heart and soul of Copenhagen, with its many restaurants, bars and promenades.


We are approaching the village of Santa Claus, advancing in Northern Europe. The island city of Stockholm or “Venice of the North” will surely convince you to come back. Gamla Stan, the old center of the Scandinavian Capital, is the first tourist attraction that you must check at any visit.

The houses that seem to be made of gingerbread invite you to long photo sessions and many of them host cafes where you will find delicious cinnamon cakes and a stop for Fika. The Vasa Museum, where you can admire the battleship of the same name, recovered after its sinking in 1628.

And if you get here, we recommend you take a run to Sigtuna, the first city in Sweden, located 1 hour from Stockholm. The old wooden buildings, built after the typical Scandinavian, make this city look like an ethnographic museum.


The watchword in Oslo is the forest. Surrounded by forests, this city is the perfect place for hiking lovers. Vigeland Park is a popular tourist attraction in the Norwegian capital. In Vigeland you can admire 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron.

The Angry Boy (Sinnataggen), the Monolith (Monolitten) and the Wheel of Life (Livshjulet) are among the best known songs. And any visit to Oslo must include a walk on the promenade area in front of the State Opera.


The first tourist attraction you have to visit is outside the city! Suomelinna is a fortification built on one of the islands of the archipelago around the city of Helsinki in the 18th century.

Suomelinna is rightly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you want to see how the Nordics lived a few centuries ago, we invite you to Seurasaari, a Museum of the Nordic Village. Built in 1909, the museum now has over 80 buildings brought from different parts of Finland.


I also got home to Santa Claus in Lapland. Rovaniemi is located in northern Finland, very close to the Arctic Circle. Here you can also see the Northern Lights, not only the place where Santa Claus writes to the best children.

Enjoy a long drive to Santa Claus with the right car, favorite music and a selection of snacks (don’t forget to keep something for Rudolf as well). If you meet Santa Claus please let us know on Facebook, Instagram or on LinkedIn.

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