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With a great historical burden, Iasi is one of the cities that you should not miss when you decide to visit the country.

An important cultural, academic and economic center for Romania, Iasul houses a lot of tourist attractions and some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country, all of which transform it into an at least interesting city with a history that dates back to 1408 when when the city was first mentioned in a commercial privilege issued by Mr. Moldovei Alexandru cel Bun.

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Do you travel to Iasi?

As a whole, the city is generous enough and is constantly expanding and modernizing, so that in order to see it all around, we recommend you come here either by car or take into consideration the possibility of renting one because the 7 hills on which is located Iasi, it can prove more tiring than you imagine, especially if you come from a plains town.

It is very simple if you do not have a car to use car rental Iasi, it is not expensive and Enterprise Rent a Car is committed to meeting you with the best deals that make it easy to visit the whole city and surroundings so exciting.

Do not miss the heritage buildings, old churches, museums in Iasi, but neither the vast and well-groomed parks nor the newly built, modern areas that can fill any need to have a vacation in Iasi after you have become acquainted with its history rich.

Take into account the fact that the tourist attractions are abundant and therefore you will need a few generous days for lively walks even if you will go by car or rented, so plan a careful vacation in Iasi because the 7 hills hide a lot of interesting things and exciting ones that you can not alpha from the books altogether.

The Palace of Culture

Built by I.D. Berindei in the neo-gothic style of palaces in western Europe and inaugurated in 1926 in the presence of King Ferdinand de Hohenzollern, the Palace of Culture is one of the most imposing constructions in Iasi, its grandeur being captivating.

Today it houses the National Museum Complex Moldova and is one of the main objectives of Iasi city that you can not miss, especially since it is located in the center, the symbolic building of the Palace of Culture is impossible to miss due to its greatness.


Because we are in the region of Moldova where abounding churches and monasteries, even if you are unfaithful, it is recommended to take a tour of the churches and monasteries in Iasi to see these buildings beyond the faith implications, and they are loaded from the cultural point of view and history with information you can find interesting.

Do not miss the Saint Nicholas Church, the Beautiful Monastery, the Cetatuia Monastery, the Golia Monastery, and the Iasi Metropolitan Cathedral, but make sure you have a personal transport hub at your fingertips to simplify and ease the roads between the proposed objectives.

Copou Park

A perfect place to relax, Copou Park is the famous park that houses Eminescu’s linden, a park that was set up in 1883, Mihalache Sturza being responsible for its modern garden look.

Here in Copou Park is the oldest monument in Romania next to Eminescu’s Teiul, namely the Monument to the Constitutional Laws, also known as the Obelisk with Lei, built after a project by Gh. Asachi. The park itself is like an open-air museum, where tourists can see a Junimea jungle alley as well as a homage museum to Eminescu.

Cheap car hire Iasi

Because you have so many interesting things to see in Iasi and because the city can be difficult to cross because of the chalets on which it is built, Enterprise Rent a Car will help you and propose cheap car rentals in Iasi that the relief or the longer distances between the objectives tourism is not a problem limiting your walks. call for an economical lease and you will be able to move around freely without getting tired, saving you time and time to spend it, then admiring and learning about the places you are barely acquainted with and that will surely captivate you.

Rent Van in Iasi

We know that the city of Iasi has not only come here for short periods of time but also for guests who fall in love with it and want to stay, either to study or to the business environment. No matter what the reason you chose to move to Iasi, Enterprise Rent a Car will support the initiative and more, it offers you the most advantageous prices of the van rental in Iasi to move you more easily. Surely you will find offers to your liking both as car size and as prices, Enterprise Rent a Car offers being tailored to the needs of each customer. Get rid of the trove of tons of roads to move from one place to another personal thing. Choose a road or two that includes everything that’s important, leaving you more time for the organization in the new location.

Information about Iasi airport

If you have arrived in Iasi by plane and you do not know what is the practical and fast way to go to the hotel, well, Enterprise Rent a Car will say that what you have the best solution is renting a car to move freely without relying on anything. Even in the airport, the Enterprise offices are waiting for our consultants to make customized offers according to your needs. Do you want an economy car? One big, SUV style? Or maybe something in the luxury class? The Enterprise has the right car for any need and pocket, just ask!

How can you quickly rent a car in Iasi?

To quickly rent a car in Iasi, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page. When picking up the car, you will need the driver’s valid driver license, issued for at least 12 months, a valid identity card or passport and an embossed credit/debit card, with sufficient funds available for the security deposit.

What are the costs for renting a car in Iasi?

The costs for renting a car in Iasi fluctuate and depend on the class of the car, its capacity, the season and the number of days for which you rent.

Why rent a car in Iasi from Enterprise?

Rent a car in Iasi from Enterprise and gain freedom of movement. You will be able to organize your trip to Iasi as you like, you will be able to explore the city and its surroundings and you will spend your time exactly as you wish.

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