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Rent a car Timisoara

Known as one of the most fabulous destinations, Timisoara is one of the most modern settlements after the capital, the city is located in the west of the country and has many tourist attractions that will surely capture and delight the eyes of any visitor.

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Do you travel to Timisoara?

Historically rich, Timisoara since 1212 has had a lot of events that have left deep traces and a myriad of stories you will find at least captivating, and that’s not all! Counting among the most modern cities of Romania, besides the cultural heritage that Timisoara welcomes its tourists, the city will also delight with the multitude of modern events, suitable for the young people eager to explore its realms.

Although it is smaller than the capital, Timisoara is a place where you have what to see and where to go, which is why it is recommended to hire a car in Timisoara because not only in the city but also there are plenty of attractive things and places, artistic and cultural life being an important component in the evolution and development of the city.

Since Timisoara is also called Mica Vienna, you can only imagine how many beautiful places you have to explore on this land, so do not stand thoughts and do not limit yourself to the places you can reach by foot or by means of public transportation because Timisoara means much more than that, which you will be able to convince yourself on the first occasion with which you will cross its borders.

Banat Philharmonic

A place you can not miss, the Philharmonic is the scene that over the years has offered great composers such as Frantz Liszt, Strauss, Brahms, this is the place where Traviata de Verdi premiered in 1855.

The Philharmonic is not far from the city center but on the contrary, but it is desirable to drive around this tourist destination to conserve energy and have the power to visit the beauties around this important tourist destination.

Bega Channel

Timisoara, besides being the first Romanian city to enjoy street lighting, was also the first to have a navigable canal, the Bega Channel, a wonderful area to walk around and get to know something more recent to say so in the history and stories of the city.

We recommend walking around and enjoying the entire landscape here, but also come in your car so that you can easily and quickly reach other tourist spots in Timisoara.

Historical Centre

About this place, we can never tell you how beautiful and bohemian it is, but we can say that this complex of buildings in Iosefin and Fabric neighborhoods as well as those close to the historical center of Timisoara are declared historical monuments.

Here you will find old buildings built in the baroque style that characterize the city, the old fortress and a lot of streets hiding the chic cafes, ideal for a well-deserved rest after long walks.

Cheap car hire Timisoara

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Information about Timisoara airport

Our airport branch is always ready for any needs! Enterprise Rent a Car is committed to providing the best car hire prices in Timisoara in the short and long term as well as a car fleet that includes cars that suit every need or demand. Enjoy your stay in Timisoara and walk around the city and not only with a rented car, because only that way will turn into a pleasant, simple and accessible experience, any destination you have!

How can you quickly rent a car in Timisoara?

To quickly rent a car in Timisoara, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page. When picking up the car, you will need the driver’s valid driver license, issued for at least 12 months, a valid identity card or passport and an embossed credit/debit card, with sufficient funds available for the security deposit.

What are the costs for renting a car in Timisoara?

The costs for renting a car in Timisoara fluctuate and depend on the class of the car, its capacity, the season and the number of days for which you rent.

Why rent a car in Timisoara from Enterprise?

Rent a car in Timisoara from Enterprise and gain freedom of movement. You will be able to organize your trip to Timisoara as you like, you will be able to explore the city and its surroundings and you will spend your time exactly as you wish.

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