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The first ride. Rediscovering the country’s treasures

The first ride. Rediscovering the country’s treasures

After a long period, the time for the first ride to what we love has come! Although we must be cautious, we all planned at least one longer weekend in a place we love. This time, it needs to be in the country. Next time, maybe even further.

On mountain roads, on the highway or on the lovely city streets in Romania, most of us will recharge our batteries in 2020’s summer holiday or on short weekend getaways.

Looking on the bright side, our country is rich in beautiful landscapes and destinations. Whether we have visited them before and we miss admiring them, or we are on our way to a special place for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with wonderful attractions in Romania. Why not turn restrictions into benefits?

The top travel destinations in Romania, for those who desire some holiday inspiration, would include Danube Delta, the marvelous Transfagarasan, Danube Boilers, Bigar Waterfall and cities such as Sighisoara, Cluj, Oradea or Brasov.

Because in these times we are all looking for safe and isolated spots, our accommodation proposals are destinations in the middle of nature, such as Green Village 4* Resort, Valea Verde Resort or Dolphin Camping. They all come with a special charm, wonderful vivid landscapes and activities that suit any preferences.

Speaking of experiences, there is a very wide range of possible activities in our country. For adventure lovers, there are mountain hikes in small organized groups, tours of the castles in the country, mountain trails on ATV or kayak ride for those who love adrenaline. On the other hand, for those who would rather choose a quiet vacation, away from the urban hustle, there are mountain or urban glamping, accommodation in guest houses in rural areas in Romania or historical and culinary tours, which are available in most of the cities.

Once the destination is settled, all we need to do is to make sure that we will travel safely and that we will have the chance to press the accelerator pedal on the long-awaited first ride. The new reality, a little different from what we used to know, forces us to take extra precautionary and safety measures for us and our loved ones. Thus, if until now we could easily consider traveling by train, bus, minibus or plane, it now becomes more difficult in the current global situation. As we can already see, even as far as we are concerned, people are being skeptical regarding public transportation and ride-sharing services.

However, the desire to travel will certainly still be there.

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car Romania team understands more than ever the new mobility needs and we wanted to support all of those who need a riding alternative during these times. We have adapted our services and improved our sanitization protocols of the cars, so that you could start your ride without worries.

#TheFirstRide needs to be, above all, safe! And for that, we pay great attention to disinfect and sanitize each car before and after each customer.

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