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Rent a car Bucharest

Known as one of Romania’s most important cities, Bucharest cannot be overlooked by tourists visiting the country.

Here you will discover a lot of tourist attractions and a lot of activities that you can enjoy both day and night, the capital, from a touristic point of view, being a very beautiful and attractive city, especially for young people but also for the passionate artists and culture.

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Do you travel to Bucharest?

Museums, patromonious buildings, luxury shops, parks and the multitude of events will surely captivate you and leave you a good impression of Bucharest, as well as a desire to return as soon as possible to continue exploring this city full of surprises.

However, because it is a big city and can not be crossed by a foot, you will definitely need a car, and renting a car from Enterprise Romania is the best idea. This way, you can easily move from one point to another and you can visit a large number of objectives without extensions by walking, especially as the weather is not always with you.

In addition to renting a car, you can take advantage of the mobility you have to explore a few different locations near the city, because not only the center of Bucharest is an attraction, near the city there are plenty of objectives that can be enjoyed yours.

Organize your trip to Bucharest so you can visit as many of the beautiful places in Bucharest and do not forget to book a car right from the airport so you can ride at will.

Romanian Athenaeum

Edifice symbol of national culture, the Romanian Athenaeum is not less than 120 years old and is inspired by the ancient Greek temples. It was conceived by the French architect Albert Galleron and was built from the money by a public subscription following the organization of a national lottery where citizens responded as a wake-up call to national consciousness. It is one of the places you can not miss on vacation in Bucharest, and a car can certainly ease your visit, the Athena, although located in the center of the capital, being much more accessible from any area if you are driving by car.

The Romanian Peasant Museum

This museum contains everything you need to know about the roots of the Romanians, the life and the traditions that represent us as a people. The visit here can represent a unique and yet educational experience that can help you better understand the Romanian people. In addition, once you arrive here by car, we recommend that, as you leave quite tired after visiting the museum, you will prolong the walk with a visit to Herastrau Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest, and finally you can end with a meal at one of Europe’s largest berries, Beraria H.

Mogosoaia Park

In order to get here you have to leave Bucharest for 15 km, so by default, you depend on a car, but the trip here will surely delight you from all points of view. The park, once the Brancoven area and then the property of the famous Bibescu family, offers you plenty of opportunities to spend free time from children’s theater, comedies, jazz evenings to kayaking, canoeing, cycling or hydro-cycling or even the opportunity to visit the Mogosoaia Palace (built in 1702 in the Brancoven style) and Sfântu Gheorghe church, located here, both of which have passed through some attempts throughout history.

Cheap Car Hire Bucharest

With our affordable rental cars at the airport branch, you not only do not spend a lot of money to have the freedom to move, but you will enjoy plenty of benefits from the car you choose, we have been renowned for the economic consumption and facilities that will make your trip pleasant and comfortable. Enterprise Rent a Car promises to keep its prices low and remain affordable to meet your mobility needs.

Rent Van in Bucharest

If you have come to Bucharest for more than a holiday, if you have come to live for a while here, in this case Enterprise Rent a Car Romania can help you, providing you with vans with which you can transport simple, fast and safe all that is needed to start a new life in Bucharest. No complications, no exaggerated prices! We are trying to be as accessible as possible and remain a practical option for any pocket.

Information about Bucharest airport

The Enterprise Branch located at the airport is always available for car rental in Bucharest so you can start your adventure as soon as possible. With a wide range of rental cars ranging from economy cars to luxury cars or van cars, we are committed to ensuring that you find the best car tailored to your personal needs, all of which are gathered in an offer flexible and convenient for you.

How can you quickly rent a car in Bucharest?

To quickly rent a car in Bucharest, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page. When picking up the car, you will need the driver’s valid driver license, issued for at least 12 months, a valid identity card or passport and an embossed credit/debit card, with sufficient funds available for the security deposit.

What are the costs for renting a car in Bucharest?

The costs for renting a car in Bucharest fluctuate and depend on the class of the car, its capacity, the season and the number of days for which you rent.

Why rent a car in Bucharest from Enterprise?

Rent a car in Bucharest from Enterprise and gain freedom of movement. You will be able to organize your trip to Bucharest as you like, you will be able to explore the city and its surroundings and you will spend your time exactly as you wish.

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