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Traveling abroad with a rented car

Traveling abroad with a rented car

The new global context has made traveling abroad less accessible. At this point, given the restrictions, the options are more limited anyway. However, there are still a few popular destinations in Europe and, once the safety measures imposed by each country are complied, the safest way to travel, even abroad, is still by car.

Compared to other means of public transportation (trains, buses, minibuses and even the plane), the car offers you both the comfort and the safety you need for long journeys, planned or not.

Because we thought about your needs, we adapted to the pandemic context by increasing the hygiene measures for our fleet from the very beginning. Thus, each car is carefully disinfected before and after each customer so that you can set off confidently and safely.

Therefore, for long trips abroad, you can also opt for a rented car, our offer being flexible and adaptable to your needs. Our program offers the possibility to rent a car from any Enterprise headquarters in Romania and to deliver it to any Enterprise representative office in Europe, in one of the over 7.200 locations worldwide.

Among the advantages of a trip by car abroad, we start the list with the possibility of choosing the desired route. When traveling by car, the road itinerary becomes a choice, so you can choose if you want to save time, skip certain locations and key points along the route to get faster to your destination or if, on the contrary, you prefer to enjoy full landscapes from all countries along the way.

Often, depending on the destination, a trip by car is more economical in terms of time and money than one by plane, train or bus. Not to mention the comfort and the possibility to stop in any desired place.

Do you have any planned trips abroad? If so, what safety measures will you take and what mean of transportation would you choose for reaching the much-desired destination?

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