Travel tips  »  Perfect road-trip destinations for a short holiday in Romania

Perfect road-trip destinations for a short holiday in Romania

Perfect road-trip destinations for a short holiday in Romania

When it comes to travel, more and more of us turn our attention to destinations in Romania. Either due to restrictions or due to personal preferences, Romanian cities and tourist attractions are increasingly considered by those who plan their vacations. In this context, we thought of coming up with a little inspiration for those who are thinking of a vacation in the country.


Although a relatively small town, Sighișoara, with its medieval air, has a lot to offer. Starting with the famous Fortress to the Blacksmiths’ Tower or the School Stairs. There is almost no corner of the Transylvanian city that does not offer an “Instagram-able” angle, through colors, architecture, and landscapes.


Timișoara is known as an impressive mix of history and current events. The most visited part of the city is of course the historic center, where you can get acquainted with the Palace of Culture and the Metropolitan Cathedral. With an interesting architectural mix between the Moldavian and Byzantine style and rich history, the place is ideal for a mini-vacation of a few days.

Saint Anne Lake, Harghita

Easily reachable by car from Miercurea Ciuc or Saint Gheorghe, Saint Anne Lake is a place full of legends and natural beauties. The only volcanic lake in our country is located at an altitude of 946 m., ​in the Ciomatu massif and a complex nature reserve, with diverse flora and fauna. Next to the lake, there is also the Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to Saint Anne.

Cazanele Dunării, Mehedinți

Here, at the shore of the Danube, in Mehedinți, there is so much peace that it seems the famous statue of Decebalus maintains order. If you are tempted by a boat trip for a few hours at sea, you can leave the car nearby to venture into the landscape where the Danube meets the mountains.


When you want to choose a tour with Mocănița (the steam train) over a car trip, you come to Maramureș. Here you can choose between a tour of the area’s waterfalls, visits to ethnographic or mineralogy museums, or a mountain route of medium difficulty to the Pietrosul Rodnei mountaintop, for the bravest ones.

Now, with all the wanderlust and this list full of recommendations, which is the Romanian destination to which you are setting off?

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