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5 destinations to visit near Timisoara

5 destinations to visit near Timisoara

The city on the Bega carries on its streets the influences of Europe’s Western part. A modern city for which it is worth taking a long drive and reserve for it a few days to visit. In this article we set out to rediscover Banat, in a virtual tour among the recommended tourist attractions.


The capital of Banat, the “City of Parks”, “Little Vienna”, Timisoara has something to offer for every tourist who steps on its doorstep. Starting from the Old Center, where we find the Palace of Culture (which houses 4 cultural institutions: the Romanian National Opera, the Mihai Eminescu National Theater, the Hungarian State Theater Csiky Gergely and the German State Theater), the Metropolitan Cathedral (which withstood the bombing of 1944) and the Castle Huniade (Banat Museum). We could say that this is where Timisoara started, if we take into account the age of the building (the oldest in the city).

Nera Gorge-Beușnița National Park

Nera Gorge  – Beusnita National Park is located approximately 160 km from Timisoara, in Caras-Severin County. Formed around the river Nera, the limestone gorges earned a place in the top of tourist destinations in the country. The National Park houses 6 nature reserves which include:  Nera Gorges, Bigar waterfalls (which we will talk about below), Susara, Beusnita and La Vaioaga, karst lakes (Devil’s Lake, Ochiul Bei), Nera Monastery. Various activities can be practiced in the park recreational: rafting, cycling, canoeing, mountaineering, zip-lining and, of course, hiking.

Bigar waterfalls

Listed by the site “The World Geography” in the top of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, Bigar Waterfall will reward your journey here. The waterfall is formed by the Bigar spring, located in the Anina Mountains. Also here you will find the Bigar cave, which is crossed by spring water. This place gave birth to a legend around two lovers separated by the girl’s parents. It is said that thanks to this legend, today’s couples come here to seal their love! Another reason to make a stop at this wonderful place!


Sarlota or Barita, as the village of Charlottenburg is also known, is the only circular village in Banat. Due to its shape and symmetry that dominates this village, Charlottenburg has been declared a historic monument. The center of the village is marked by a fountain, which is preceded by several trees, behind which the houses are built. Initially, they were built symmetrically, at an equal distance from each other, all having the same height. The circular shape has been preserved, although the houses have gained, over time, their individuality towards each other.

Baile Herculane

Guarded by a strong Hercules, placed in the center of the resort, Herculane has been on the map of areas of interest since 153, when the resort was historically attested. Baile Herculane came to the attention of the Austrian Crown when Sissi and Franz Joseph built a property here, Villa Elisabeta. The thermal baths were a blessing for this small settlement between the mountains, now included in various rehabilitation programs. Here you can enjoy baths in sulfurous, mineral and salt waters and natural aeration sessions. Once here you can include on your list of visits the Dacian Mill or the Banat Sphinx.

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