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Tasteful travel through Romania’s wine regions

Tasteful travel through Romania’s wine regions

In the heart of Europe lies a treasure for wine lovers: Romania. Our country offers a unique and surprising wine experience from sunny hills to ancient stone cellars.

In a world where time seems to slow down, Romania’s vineyards give you a story of the land and the hard work reflected in every grape cluster. Today we venture on a journey through the country’s best-known wine regions, each bearing its own specific imprint on the wines produced.

Each region has many vineyards and wineries that you should definitely visit, especially if you are passionate about wines and their history. In this article, we have chosen to mention just one important winery in each region. And if you venture out and embark on this journey, we’re sure that the wine trail will take you further to discover many more wineries.

Moldova: The eternal garden of viticulture

Moldova, a region with a rich history, enjoys a favourable climate for growing vines. Its vineyards stretch like a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, and the ripe grapes are carefully processed to create wines with a strong personality. As you walk through the vineyards, you’ll feel the deep roots of a centuries-old winemaking tradition.

Cotnari Vineyard – One of the most famous and respected vineyards, Cotnari, rises like a jewel in the Moldovan landscape. Here, the rare Cotnari Grasa and Frâncușă grapes are hand-selected, and the resulting wines tell stories of tradition and refinement. The famous sweet wines, with aromas of flowers and honey, are naturally comparable to the world’s finest liqueurs.

Transylvania: Landscapes and elegance in your glass

Transylvania is not only known for its castles, but also for its picturesque landscapes that are home to impressive vineyards. The cool climate and fertile soils contribute to the creation of wines with distinctive character. Surrounded by mountains and hills, every glass of wine in Transylvania is a journey through its unique territory, with notes that remind you of the aroma of fresh air and dreamy landscapes.

Târnave Vineyard – Among the gentle hills of the Târnaves, the vineyard reveals white wines of a particular refinement. From subtle floral aromas to fresh fruit notes, each sip is a foray into the art of winemaking that has been handed down from generation to generation in the Transylvanian area.

Banat: Taste of the sun and the Danube

The Banat region, crossed by the Danube River, enjoys a generous microclimate with sunny summers and mild winters. The vineyards of Banat produce wines full of brightness and freshness, reflecting the region’s rich sunshine. From the moment you taste it, you can feel the natural energy of Banat in every sip.

Recaș Vineyard – Wines from Banat have a documented history since the 15th century. Mihail de Ciorna, the ban of Severin at that time, is known for his purchase of the Recaș estates. However, it is said that the wine-growing tradition in Banat has even deeper roots than that, namely from the time of the Roman occupation when vineyards were discovered. Today, this vineyard totals about 1100 hectares in the Timiș and Arad regions.

Having said that, we stepped on a journey through the mysteries of Romanian wine, exploring wine regions from Moldova to Transylvania to Banat. Each glass tasted was an open window to a world of flavours and emotions, and each vineyard revealed an ancient story and a deep passion for viticulture.

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Such a journey will not only be about wine, but about people and places, stories and emotions, past and future. Romanian wines have the power to guide you into a fascinating universe, a place where every drop can bring you closer to the roots of the Romanian people.

So, with an open heart, we encourage you to explore and discover the wonders of Romanian wines through a journey through the wine regions of our country.

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