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5 destinations to visit near Constanta

5 destinations to visit near Constanta

From the traditional 1st of May outing to the children’s summer vacation or for the whole family, a visit to the sea is included in our calendar every year. For this season we recommend you to rent a spacious car, with enough luggage space and to go to the seaside!

Where do we go on vacation on the Romanian Seaside?


Rent a car for your holiday in Mamaia for a weekend or even a long term rental. You can choose from an economical 4-door car or even a spacious SUV.

The residence of some of the most famous and luxurious hotels on the Romanian coast, Mamaia is the most visited resort in the summer season. In recent years, several projects have been started in this resort to widen the beaches, in some areas the seashore is up to 250 meters wide. Hotels dedicated to families with children, with facilities and extensive playgrounds for the little ones or those that apply an Adults Only concept are ready for a new summer season. You can rent a car from one of our offices or from your city for your seaside vacation.


Constanta is one of the oldest cities in Romania. We could say that the Dacians knew how to orient themselves. A cosmopolitan city, Constanta invites you to discover the Greek and Ottoman and Italian cultural and architectural heritage, along with the Romanian ones.

During your holiday in Constanta you can benefit from the facilities of a modern city and you can enjoy a quiet holiday by the sea, on one of the secluded beaches in the north. Or, if you are accompanied by a group of friends, you can choose one of the most lively beaches in the south. One of the characteristics of the beaches in Mamaia is that the entrance to the sea is smooth, at a distance of a few meters from the shore.

Eforie Nord

Located about 12 kilometers from Constanta, Eforie Nord is known for its spa treatments. The resort has a beach with a length of about 4 km and a width of up to 100 meters. The entrance to the sea is smooth, this being one of the reasons why Eforie Nord is preferred by families with children. The cliff in the northern part of the resort is transformed into a promenade area. In Eforie Nord resort, tourists will find sports fields, playgrounds for children and leisure facilities. Water sports enthusiasts can rent sailboats or other equipment. Find the right car for your holiday in Eforie Nord directly at our representative office in Constanta or on our website.


Located approximately 38 km from Constanta, Neptun resort is located between Costinesti and Jupiter resorts. Neptun differs from the other resorts by the natural setting that has preserved its beauty over the years: to the west it is bordered by the Comorova forest, and to the east by Lake Neptun. Green is the predominant color in the landscape of Neptune. The entrance to the sea is sloping, the depth of the water suddenly increasing in certain places. Also in the Neptun-Olimp area, mud treatments and packaging can be made, procedures specific to the area from Eforie Nord.

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