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7 destinations in Europe perfect for surfing

7 destinations in Europe perfect for surfing

How about a beach or an ocean vacation to surf and sunbathe?

If you are ready to tame the waves, we have found 9 perfect places for surfing (on the European continent).

Nazare, Portugal

Perhaps the queen of surfing destinations, Nazare is a legendary place where professional or experienced surfers meet every year. On the shore of the small town located in western Portugal, the largest waves in the world are formed (the record is about 30 m).

Biarritz, France

Biarritz (Basque Country) is the perfect place for your first surfing lessons. The walls of the bay cut 6 km of coastline to form six beaches, each of which creates the right conditions for high quality surfing. In addition, the exceptional scenery and accommodation offers will convince you that Biarritz is the perfect destination for your surfing holiday. Anglet, another well-known surfing resort (with 11 beaches), is located next to Biarritz.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is probably the most beautiful destination in Europe. Pictures of this destination will convince you to book a holiday here. Local cuisine, hiking trails, terraces and beaches are just some of the reasons why this resort is visited by thousands of tourists every summer.

For surfing, kilometer zero is Zurriola beach. Thousands of surfers from all continents meet here. You will feel like you are in Australia considering the number of surfers around you. In San Sebastian, surfing is a religion.

Tenby, United Kingdom

If Robin Hood had surfed, he would have chosen Tenby, for sure. At least for the movie “Robin Hood” the beaches of Tenby were used as a setting. And the main character would certainly have been very happy to be on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Depending on your level of surfing experience, you can choose one of the “Freshwater West”, “West Dale” or “Marloes” beaches if you want more peace.

Englischner Garten – Munchen, Germany

Yes, surfing is possible in Munich and it is a destination well known by lovers of this sport. How many of Europe’s cities do you think you can surf in a swirling river? Only in the beautiful capital of the Bavaria area!

We challenge you to surf the Eisbach River in the beautiful and elegant Englischer Garten. You can come at any time, the waves form throughout the year and are waiting for you at any time of the day. The only question is: will you dare to confront it?

Bundoran, Ireland

Located in Donegal, the northernmost region of Ireland, Bundoran is one of the many perfect surfing areas in Donegal Bay. Tullan Beach offers all the conditions for professional surfers or those with a high degree of training, and those who are looking for an even bigger challenge, “The Peak” is the perfect choice. The 2000 inhabitants of this magnificent destination are very welcoming and open-minded; Every year thousands of travelers from all over the world come to Ireland to enjoy the most beautiful waves in Europe.

Klitmøller, Denmark

And at the end of our list we left one of the most “surprising and scary” surfing destinations in Europe: Klitmøller. The area is also known as “Frozen Hawaii” due to the water temperature, of course! The strong wind creates favorable conditions for windsurfing lovers, and the area is home to many competitions and events for this sport. In this part of Denmark you will find many other beaches where you can surf, but Klitmøller is the most beautiful.

Prepare your surf suit, put aside the wax for the board, choose the right car for your tribe and set off for the most beautiful surfing destinations in Europe.

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