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Where can we go glamping in Romania?

Where can we go glamping in Romania?

Amidst the fast pace of modern life, people are increasingly looking to escape the urban hustle and bustle and enjoy the connection with nature. But as things have evolved and as people increasingly want more and more comfort without giving up on the idea of nature, a new concept has recently crept into the lives of those who love outdoor holidays: glamping. Glamping is a form of camping that involves more luxurious facilities and accommodations than those usually associated with traditional camping.

Although glamping is a relatively new trend, Romania has not let itself down and offers a variety of glamping locations where tourists can enjoy comfort and luxury amidst wild and picturesque nature. Each location has its own charm and offers unique experiences that remain vivid in visitors’ memories.

Tinutul Luanei Glamping Resort

Tinutul Luanei Glamping Resort is a real gem hidden in the heart of the Buzaului Mountains. This resort offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the refinement of glamping in a natural setting straight out of fairy tales. The modern and elegant tents, tastefully decorated and equipped with luxurious facilities, offer comfort and privacy. Spectacular views and the soothing sounds of the river complete the magical atmosphere of this place. Tourists can spend their time outdoors, enjoying walks on mountain trails, hiking or relaxing at a barbecue under the starry sky.

Luxury Lake House

For a scenic lakeside glamping experience, Luxury Lake House is the perfect choice. Located in an idyllic setting in the village of Tesila, Prahova County, this resort offers accommodation in spacious and comfortable tents, where guests can admire the stunning view of the lake’s calming waters. At Luxury Lake House, tourists can practice various water activities, such as canoeing or fishing, or explore the surrounding nature reserves. In the evenings, campfires and storytelling evenings under the clear skies add a special charm to the whole experience.

Ursa Mica Glamping Resort

Located in Ciocanu, at the gates of Transylvania, Ursa Mica Glamping Resort offers an oasis of tranquility and relaxation in an impressive natural setting. The spacious and comfortable tents are situated on a hill, offering a stunning view of the mountain scenery made up of the last virgin forests in Europe. Here, guests can explore the surrounding nature, hike the mountain trails or spend time in the common areas, socialising with each other. The fresh air and complete silence offer a memorable glamping experience in the midst of wild nature.

Glamping Spiritul Zimbrului

A unique glamping experience can be found at the Spirit of the Zimbru Glamping, in a dense forest 10 minutes from the Zimbru Valley. The elegant tents, equipped with all the necessary facilities, offer a perfect combination of comfort and nature. Here, tourists can observe the wild European bisons, explore the forest on specially designed trails or admire the star-filled sky during clear nights. The Spirit of the Zimbers offers a peaceful and comforting retreat, where tourists can forget the stresses of everyday life and connect with the true essence of nature.

Each of these five glamping locations in Romania represents a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature in a luxurious and refined setting. No matter where you choose to stay, glamping offers unforgettable memories.

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