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The benefits of a hybrid car

The benefits of a hybrid car

Since July, Enterprise Romania has introduced rental cars and hybrid cars on its fleet. A big step towards a greener car park. The cars introduced are from the Toyota range, the C-HR and Corolla models, from the compact and compact-SUV class.

In this article we planned to discover the advantages of a hybrid car and why it is important for the environment and for those who choose to drive it.

Toyota’s hybrid cars are known as hybrid-electric cars. However, they behave differently from a 100% electric car. The hybrid car charges itself, while it is used, alternating the 2 engines: the electric one and the gasoline one. Electricity is used for starting from the spot and moving at speeds of up to 50 km / h. After this threshold the car automatically switches to petrol (or uses both engines simultaneously). Why is this important? In the city there are high chances to travel at low speeds, up to 50 km / h. This combo, electric + gasoline, leads to a consumption of up to 4.4 l / 100 km in the city (in the case of Corolla and CH-R models). Very good news for those who want a compact car, with low consumption, for their urban roads.

And, like any car that has an electric motor in it, it comes with 0% carbon emissions, 0% fuel consumption when using the electric motor and, our favorite, a quiet ride (while using the engine electric).

Hybrid cars charge themselves, with the help of kinetic energy. This way, you won’t have to charge it at the outlet. In addition, hybrid cars have developed a regenerative braking system, a generator that produces electricity stored in the battery.

The full hybrid, a category that includes Toyota cars, differs from the mild one in that the engines run completely separately and the electric batteries are self-powered (they will not be charged at the outlet).

In addition, with the complete hybrid system you will be able to cut off from the list one of the main worries when it comes to electric cars: battery life. The second engine, the gasoline-powered one and the ability of the electric battery to charge automatically make the Toyota Corolla and Toyota C-HR cars in the Enterprie Rent a Car Romania fleet benefit from an autonomy similar to any car with a classic petrol engine or diesel.

Driving a Toyota hybrid car is efficient and can be fun. The electric motor provides instant traction power when accelerating at low speeds, while at high speeds (over 50 km / h) or on the highway, the two engines will run simultaneously. The Corolla Hybrid boasts an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 8s.

A long drive with a Toyota Corolla or C-HR hybrid can be fun, economical and much greener. A long journey in search of castles and mansions in Transylvania where you can spend the night, maybe. Our favorites are Daniel Castle and Mikes Mansion. Or maybe you want to start following the ones from Top Gear, on Transfagarasan. The most beautiful roads in Romania are waiting for you to test your driving skills.

Rent a hybrid car today, from one of our offices or online, on our website.

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