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What you need to know before renting a car in winter

What you need to know before renting a car in winter

As scenic as winter landscapes are, so long can be stressful on long snowy roads. But, if Santa Claus manages to reach all corners of the world, on snow, ice or rain, we are convinced that there are ways for us all to come to terms with the most complicated routes in winter. In this article you will find some tips for a quiet winter road.

Drive carefully

Yes, for a safe winter trip it is very important to drive carefully, at a low speed and with a considerable distance from the one in front of you. During this period, you must take into account, more than in other seasons, when the road is not covered by ice or snow, the other traffic participants.

We recommend that you consider a larger window of time allocated to the trip to the desired destination. Instead of a hurried route, book a few extra hours, which will help you stay focused on traffic throughout the trip.

Choose a car with ABS system

For winter roads, when the road is covered with snow, the ideal cars are those with all-wheel drive or those with front-wheel drive. In any case, before renting a car in winter, we advise you to check if it is equipped with ABS system. It helps keep the car under control in case you have to brake suddenly.

We return to the idea of keeping a considerable distance from the car in front of you. Adding to this idea the need for an ABS system, to avoid collision or skidding on the road. However, you don’t have to rely 100% on strong tires, impeccable ABS system or all-wheel drive.

The best protection solution is low speed.

Choose a car similar to the ones you have already driven

If you are used to driving a sedan, switching to an SUV may take some time to adjust. The steering wheel will be a little bigger than the one you are used to, the seat will be higher, the dead center will be positioned in another place.

For winter travel, we recommend that you keep the same class of car you are used to, if you do not have time to get used to the new car, before you start on the long road. Before deciding on a car model, take some time to adjust to its peculiarities: turn on the GPS, see what are the audible warnings for the dead center (don’t be scared in the middle of the road).

If you do not feel comfortable with the car in the parking lot, choose another model with which to make a perfect team.

Get the supplies you need for the road

Make sure the tank is full (fuel = heat), list thick clothes or a blanket. You are unlikely to get snowy or stuck in traffic for a long time, but it is better to have them with you.

And for even more safety, you can add a flashlight, some water bottles, some snacks and an external battery to charge the phones in the winter road kit. And maybe a shovel, maybe you’ll need it.

Keep emergency numbers close and insurance even closer

Keep the lease handy and choose a cover insurance for all cases. Drive carefully, patiently, and if you want to conquer the snowy hills and mountains with speed, choose a pair of skis, a snowboard or a high-performance sledge. As Santa Claus does!

Wherever you decide to drive this winter, Enterprise will make sure you get there safely!

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