Travel tips  »  #Rediscover Romania – Reservations and National Parks that we can visit this summer

#Rediscover Romania – Reservations and National Parks that we can visit this summer

#Rediscover Romania – Reservations and National Parks that we can visit this summer

Bigar Waterfall collapsed. The news saddened us and confirmed once again that “today” is the best time to plan your next trip. Don’t delay and start on the road to the most beautiful national parks in Romania!

Neamt bison reservation

The “Dragos-Voda” bison reserve in Neamt County is a protected area that covers an area of 11,500 hectares. Vanatori – Neamt Natural Park, which hosts this reservation, also houses several specimens of bears and deer. The bison here are divided into 3 categories: those released, those who go through the acclimatization process and those hosted for tourism purposes.

In Romania there are 3 other areas where bison are kept in semi-captivity (at Neagra-Bucsani, Dambovita county) and in captivity (at Valea Zimbrilor, Buzau county and Padurea Silvut, Hunedoara county).

Sanctuarul pentru ursi LiBEARty

Zarnesti is what over 100 rescued bears from various places in Romania call a home. Bears of all ages can be admired in guided tours organized in Romanian or English language. Private tours (VIP or Super VIP) can be organized for small groups of up to 8 participants. The Super VIP tour takes place in a closed area of 1.4 hectares where bears can be seen from the car.

UNESCO International Geopark Tara Hategului

From the present where bisons and bears live, we propose a journey into the past, 4.5 billion years ago. Tara Hagetului International Geopark was home to dwarf dinosaurs and flying reptiles, whose eggs were discovered here. In the Geopark are exhibited 3 models depicting dwarf dinosaurs in different poses and three dinosaur nests.

In addition, you can include on the visit list the House of Volcanoes from Densus commune, the House of Miniatures from Totesti commune, the House of Dwarf Dinosaurs and the House of Traditions from Sinpetru village (Sintamaria Orlea commune) or the exhibition “Dragons, dragons, dinosaurs” from Hateg town.

The mud volcanoes from Paclele Mici and Paclele Mari

The Paclele Mici protected area is located near Berca commune, in Buzau county. The muddy volcanoes in the Berca area are considered unique in the world due to the large number of active volcanoes and fossils present in such a small area. Volcanoes have craters of various sizes, up to 1.5 meters. Paclele Mari is also located in Buzau county, near Scortoasa commune. Here you will also meet some protected animals: pond turtle and forest lizard.

Cheile Nerei Beusnita National Park

Bigar Waterfall House, Cheilei Nerei Beusnita National Park is located in Caras Severin County. It impresses with the breathtaking scenery and consumes your camera battery. The Nera River crosses the karst area forming famous objectives such as the well-known Bigar Waterfall, Nera Gorges, Susara Gorges or Susara and Moceris waterfalls.

The National Park is preferred by mountaineering lovers, the limestone cliffs being often used as a climbing terrain. In the area can be visited a series of historical monuments that include several Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Get inspired by our blog and start the long journey in Romania.

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