Travel tips  »  7 castles and noble houses to add to your Travel List

7 castles and noble houses to add to your Travel List

7 castles and noble houses to add to your Travel List

For history and mystical landscapes lovers, a tour of the country can mean a tour of the castles and noble houses in Romania. And since such places are not few, but often difficult to reach other than by car, we thought of offering you a little inspiration with a list of recommendations.

  1. Zabola Estate

We set off with a stop at Zabola Estate, the castle of Count Mikes from Zăbala, Transylvania. Far from civilization and with a medieval air, the castle preserves a good part of the identity of Transylvania from the past. With 7 historic buildings, lakes, and rich fauna and flora, Zăbala Castle offers a complete holiday experience. Moreover, travelers can choose to stay in one of the rooms decorated in the typical style of Transylvanian mansions where the wooden sauna and the imperial-style bathtubs located in the rooms are popular among tourists.

  1. Bethlen-Haller Castle

Since we are still in Transylvania, we couldn’t help but make a stop at Bethlen-Haller Castle in Jidvei. A visit here is always left with a wine tasting (or a “to go” wine for drivers) and a culinary journey among local products. For those who want to discover a little bit of the place history, the castle offers guided tours.

  1. Teleki Castle

We also pass by the Teleki Castle in Gornești, Mureș, built between 1772 – 1803 in a unique style. The main facade of the castle is its most representative element, but it also impresses with the famous living room upstairs, where the original plaster, porcelain stoves, and the three chandeliers have been preserved.

  1. Rhédey Castle

Since we are still in the Mureș area, we reach the Rhédey Castle in Sângeroiu de Pădure. Built in the 18th century in neo-baroque style and renovated in 1809, the monument stands out with balconies adorned with Tuscan columns and a large French-style garden.

  1. Sturdza Castle

Next stop: Sturdza Castle in Miclăușeni, which impresses with its neo-Gothic architectural style and an ensemble of 3 monuments: the Church of the “Holy Voivodes”, the “Annunciation” dating from 1787, the castle itself, rebuilt in the nineteenth century and the park. A visit here includes, in addition to the relaxing portion, a welcomed history lesson.

  1. Cantacuzino Castle

Cantacuzino Castle is now located on the site of an old hunting lodge in Bușteni. It is said that its architecture is the most important national heritage, being built in neo-Romanian style, the only one that revived the tradition. The castle covers an area of ​​3148 square meters, while the courtyard and garden measure an area of ​​3.5 hectares.

  1. Golescu-Grant Mansion

We end the noble tour at Golescu Mansion (or Belvedere), the oldest building in Bucharest continuously inhabited over time. Built in 1814, the mansion is registered within the National Heritage of Romania, and the building now serves as a Center for Recreation and Personal Development.

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