Travel tips  »  What balneary resorts can you visit this fall?

What balneary resorts can you visit this fall?

What balneary resorts can you visit this fall?

At the end of the year, when the temperatures are lower and lower, a relaxing stay in a spa is very popular. The investments in the last years in the treatment bases and in the hotels and pensions in these resorts have made these cities to attract more and more tourists.

In this article we will discover which are the spas you can visit this fall.

Baile Felix

The resort is located 6 km from Oradea, in Bihor County. It is located at 150 m altitude, in the Crisurilor Plain, near the Padurea Craiului Mountains.

Baile Felix differs from other resorts by the very high temperature of the thermal water, which can reach 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in Baile Felix you can also enjoy baths in outdoor pools, regardless of outdoor temperatures. In addition, inside the President hotel you will find a water park, Aqua Park President, with thermal water.

Baile Balvanyos

Balvanyos Resort is surrounded by the forests of the Bodoc Mountains, near Lake St. Anne. The resort is located between Baile Tusnad and Targu Secuiesc. A SPA center awaits you with a series of treatment procedures, with outdoor pools with thermal waters and saunas and other places to relax. Also in Balvanyos resort you will find an adventure park, Balvanyos Adventure Park. The routes in the park are of progressive difficulty, beginners children (yellow), beginners adults (green), advanced (blue), professionals (red), routes for teams, zip lines.

On the list of tourist attractions you will find Lake Sfanta Ana (the only volcanic lake in Europe, with a complete crater), Tinovul Mohos (another crater, similar to St. Ana, filled with water), Sulfur Cave and Balvanyos Fortress.

Calimanesti-Caciulata Resort

The resort is located a few kilometers from Ramnicu Valcea, near the Southern Carpathians. In the resort you will find 2 * and 3 * hotels, with access to the treatment base of the Cozia Spa complex. Cozia Aqua Park, present in the resort, is open all year round. Thermal water pools, slides and hydrotherapy facilities are at your disposal.

Nearby you can visit Stanisoara Monastery, Roman Arutela Camp, Poiman lui Caliman and Cozia Monastery.

Baile Govora

Baile Govora is located in Valcea County, near Horezu and Targu Jiu. The resort is located in a hilly area, covered by rich forests. In the area you will find numerous resorts and 2 * – 4 * star hotels. The treatment base is recommended for tourists of all ages.

Near the resort you will find the Cozia, Govora and Horezu Monasteries, Polovragi Cave, the pottery centers from Horezu and Vladesti, the Museum of the Valcean Village from Bujoreni and the Ruins of the Roman Camp Pons Ventus from Caineni.

Baile Tusnad

Baile Tusnad, also called “Little Switzerland” or “Pearl of Transylvania”, is the smallest spa in the country. The resort is located 60 km from Brasov, 30 km from Sf. Gheorghe and 30 from Miercurea Ciuc, near Sfanta Ana Lake. The main attractions of the resort, after the oligomineral water treatments, are the Apor Bastion, the Falcon Rock, the Citadel Peak and Sfanta Ana Lake.

If you have already visited these resorts or if you plan to include them in the itinerary of your future vacation in Romania, please let us know on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram or  LinkedIn.

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