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TOP 5 attractions for children in Romania

TOP 5 attractions for children in Romania

More time spent in the family is at the top of priorities for each of us. Having this in mind and especially for the little ones in the family, we looked for 5 places that will surely delight you and convince you hit the road. So, in this article we propose you to (re) discover great places in Romania, which we hope will be to the liking of the little ones.

Dino Park, Rasnov

Dino Park is known to be the largest dinosaur park in Southeastern Europe. What is awaiting you in the 3-hectare area? 100 life-size dinosaurs, children’s playgrounds, a 9D cinema and one with a 360° experience, adventure trails, laser maze and various interactive areas.

Also in terms of superlatives we can mention the 2 exhibits that represent the pride and joy of the park: the largest flying animal in the world, Hatzegopteryx Thambema and the largest dinosaur ever discovered in the world, Seismosaurus, the giant 45 meters long. For a family trip to Dino Parc you can rent a car from our office in Bucharest or from the nearest Enterprise office.

Arsenal Park, Orastie

Built on the site of a former ammunition factory, Arsenal Park covers an area of 88 hectares. A small military-themed holiday village that also offers accommodation, is waiting for you to spend a few hours or even a mini vacation in Hunedoara county.

On the alleys of the complex you will find 150 military exhibits: anti-aircraft guns, missile launchers, cannons, crawler conveyors, anti-aircraft machine guns, military trucks, a locomotive, a military ambulance, anti-missile devices, an IAR 93 aircraft, a Kamov Ka 26 helicopter.

For an extra adrenaline we recommend the aqua park and the Arsenal Park adventure park.

Arsenal Park also offers accommodation spaces arranged in military style, named in the same register: Officer Rooms, Soldier Rooms, Cannon Rooms, Colonel Apartments and General Villas.

One of the Enterprise offices is available for renting a car for a few hours or long term.

Aventura Park, Brasov

The largest adventure park in Eastern Europe has prepared routes for adventurers of all ages. The routes have a progressive difficulty, from the lightest, suitable for children starting with the age of 4, to the difficult ones, the black route, available for people over 16 years old. This route takes place at a height of 20 meters (the maximum reached in the complex). The routes with a medium difficulty start from 4 meters high, up to 6 meters. The blue route is the most sought after, according to people over 12 years old. And for even more adrenaline we recommend you to try “Tyrolean Sea over the lake”, with a length of 300 meters suspended over a natural lake.

Supernova Planetarium, Slanic Prahova Saline

The Slanic Saline will take you to a depth of 208 m, where you will find the largest digital planetarium in Romania. Here you can enjoy the most fascinating immersive experience in Romania due to the 16 m diameter spherical screen (the average in the rest of the country is 7-8 m). The digital show is amplified by 4k laser projectors, interactive projections and full-dome movies. The programs displayed include the story of the Apollo project, a foray into the history of the formation of the Earth, the world of constellations or a story about the world’s super-volcanoes. Supernova is located a 2-hour drive from Bucharest.

Castles and citadels

Life at the castle still stirs a wave of fascination, even in the digital age. Visits into the rooms once inhabited by the country’s leaders will please the little ones, especially if they are accompanied by local stories and legends. Near Bucharest we mention the Mogosoaia domain, the Bran and Peles castles as well as the Rasnov fortress. For a trip to Western part of the country we always put on the list the Corvin Castle from Hunedoara, the Royal Castle from Savarsin (Arad) and the Nako Castle from Sannicolau Mare (Timis). In the area of Moldova we can visit Sturza Castle in Miclauseni (Iasi). Some of the mansions and castles in the country were included in the tourist circuit, bringing closer the dream of living in the castle.

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