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TOP 5 most beautiful roads in Romania

TOP 5 most beautiful roads in Romania

A playground for powerful cars, the most beautiful roads in Romania invite you to test your driving skills. Transfagarasan, Transalpina, now the new Via Transilvanica, have been the stars of many international video productions that compete in praises, such as those from TOP Gear.

For this article we have selected 5 of the most beautiful roads in Romania that we invite you to drive along among Enterprise!


Present on the cover of many travel guides in Romania and one of the favorite roads of those from TOP Gear, Transfagarasan is also called “the road through the clouds”.

The 91.5-kilometer road crosses the Fagaras Mountains with serpentines that will test the tires and with many places of perspective to dream landscapes. The route can be covered in 2.5 hours.

Transfagarasan starts from Arges county, Bascov commune and climbs to Sibiu county, Cartisoara commune. The road crosses the longest tunnel in the country (887 m), located at the highest altitude (2,042 m).

On the list of tourist objectives present on Transfagarasan is the Alpine Gulf of Fagaras Mountains Nature Reserve (between Podragu – Suru and Valea Balii), Balea Lac area, Poenari Fortress, Capra Waterfall, dam and Vidraru reservoir.


The highest road in Romania, the most beautiful and spectacular, Transalpina has many strengths on its business card. The 148-kilometer Kings’ Road, as it is called, crosses the Parang Mountains (from Novaci to Sebes). The route can be covered in 3 hours.

From the historical records we find out that Transalpina was a Romanian road, rebuilt in the 30s and partially completed in 2009. From the original road there are still unpaved and boundless parts of the parapet, maybe that’s why it is also known as the Devil’s Path.

Among the tourist objectives met on the route we mention Ranca, Valea Frumoasei, Taul Bistritei accumulation lake, Oasa Monastery and Papusa Peak (2,136 m).

Transalpina hosts the National Coastal Speed Championship (organized annually) and, occasionally, the Romanian Cycling Tour.


The Treasure’s Road, a 45-minute road that crosses the Rarau Massif, from the Bistritei Valley to the Moldavian Valley. Transrarau starts from Pojorata, climbs to Pietrele Doamnei and stops, after a route of 27 km, at Chiril, Suceava County. The road climbs up to 1400 m altitude, during which you will meet Pietrele Doamnei, Piatra Soimului, Stancile Adam & Eva and the Giumalau Spring.

Via Transilvanica

The newest project of this kind in Romania, Via Transilvanica promises a spectacular 1000-kilometer route, sprinkled with stories, treasures and tradition.

Calea Transilvaniei, as Via Transilvanica is also known, will cover a road of 1000 km from Moldova, near the Punta Monastery, to Drobeta Turnu Severin, across the Danube, a Camino de Santiago of Romania.

The route passes through traditional villages, which invite you to get to know them, to find out their history and pass along their story.

Bicaz Gorges

The 4-hour route starts from Gheorgheni, Harghita and connects with Bicaz Chei, Neamt.

The road is divided into 4 sectors: “Between the gorges” (between Red Lake and Stone Gate), “Bardos’s Poles” (between Stone Gate and Hell’s Neck), “Hell’s Neck” (with a canyon aspect, between Surduc’s Stone and Gura Bardosului) and “Sfarsitul Cheilor” (at the entrance to Bicaz-Chei commune).

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