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Rent-a-car for businesses

Rent-a-car for businesses

During the pandemic, mobility needs changed both for individuals and certain business segments.

The home delivery market has seen a significant increase lately, with restaurants and cafes, for example, shifting their services to the delivery area as a way to adapt to the new reality. Also in the context of customers’ needs adaptability, we can see that on-demand delivery services are more successful than ever and small local products entrepreneurs are trying to find different ways to reach customers.

In this context, rent-a-car services for businesses have become a viable alternative compared to the leasing option, the advantage being that in the case of renting there are fewer risks and obligations.

Given the new market dynamics, the rental contract we sign with our B2B partners can be short, medium, or long term. Such services are ideal for businesses whose development would require the introduction of new cars, and their purchase is excluded. Unlike the cases in which the rental is made in the short term, with a fixed daily rate, the rental of cars in the medium or long term, through the program “a month or more”, comes with an adaptation of rates according to customers’ needs. Thus, the rental duration for a monthly facilities package will be considered according to the activity of our partner.

Long-term rental for businesses offers the same benefits as short-term contracts, including non-stop roadside assistance. In addition, as well as for short-term rentals, customers are exempt from maintenance and repair costs.
Investing in new cars can generate significant business growth, but this is not always at hand for all entrepreneurs. Therefore, the option of collaborating with rent-a-car companies is becoming more and more popular.

Enterprise Romania is constantly concerned with the purchase of new vehicles in order to maintain a range that is as modern as possible, as varied as possible and suitable for all types of needs and demands.

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