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Naples – TOP 7 attractions

Naples – TOP 7 attractions

The productions “My brilliant friend” and “God’s hand” made us think of a vacation in Italy, right in Naples. We have put on the list some tourist attractions to visit on a city break in southern Italy, and for car rental services we already know where to call. And the geographical position and the high temperatures in the first months of spring convinced us to set off!

Ovo Castle

The oldest castle in Naples is located on the island of Megaris, connected to the shore by an isthmus. The castle was built in the 12th century by the Italian Normans. The building had different roles: State Treasury, the official residence of King Roger II of Sicily or prison. Ovo Castle now houses the Ethno-Prehistoric Museum, opened in 1971.

The name of the castle “Ovo” refers to a local legend according to which an egg was hidden in the foundation of the castle. And the moment when the egg will break will lead to the collapse of the castle and the city of Naples. We conclude that the egg is good-thank you!

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, located in Piazza Plebiscito, was built in the 17th century, under the direction of the architect Domenico Fontana (the paintings inside are named after the artists Caracciolo, Corenzio and Balducci). Today, the castle houses a museum featuring royal apartments decorated with original furniture and tapestries, paintings, the Throne Room, the Court Theater, the Royal Chapel used during the Bourbon rule of Sicily and Naples.

National Museum of Archeology

Among the oldest archeological museums in Italy, the National Museum of Archeology presents exhibits from the Renaissance period, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Here you will find artifacts from Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. The building dates from 1585, initially acting as a barracks. Between 1616 and 1777 the building was the headquarters of the University of Naples.

San Domenico Maggiore

San Domenico Maggiore houses a church and a monastery, located in San Domenico Maggiore Square. And here was for a while the University of Naples. You can now visit the Sacred Relics Room, the Treasury, clothing and religious objects. The church was built in the 10th century and rebuilt between 1283 and 1324.

Umberto Gallery

The Umberto Gallery can be considered the younger sister of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan. Built in 1887-1891, the gallery included offices, cafes and shops. The name of the gallery is inspired by that of King Umberto I of Italy. The interior of the Umberto I Gallery in Naples is spectacular, full of decorative elements and fantastic ornaments.

Belvedere San Martino

From here you can admire the whole city and Mount Vesuvius. The lookout point is connected to the city center by a funicular. Near this lookout point you will find Sant’Elmo Castle and the Certosa di San Marino complex (Museum of Spanish and Bourbon Artifacts).

Santa Chiara

Santa Chiara was built in 1313-1340 by order of Queen Sancha of Majorca and King Robert of Naples. The complex includes a church, a monastery, tombs and an archeological museum. The church was built in Gothic style with influences from Provence and later decorated in Baroque style (in the seventeenth century). The church is known for its Rococo-style decorations (Maiolica pottery).

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