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Top 10 car-camping destinations

Top 10 car-camping destinations

Despite all the existing restrictions, we still want to travel and rediscover the beauties of the country, but at the same time we want safe conditions for mobility and accommodation. This has made camping an attractive option for more and more people, so for our friends who love nature and camping, therefore we have made a list of destinations that become much easier to reach by car.

Noroc Camping

The Maramureș area abounds in beautiful landscapes, but also in organized areas for camping. Noroc Camping, for example, is an organized space for tents, with barbecue areas and hammocks, located in Săcălășeni, 8 km from Baia Mare. Camelia and Pierre, the family that manages the space, can always arrange a kayak ride on the river Lăpuș or many other activities near the campsite for tourists.

Cotton Hotel (Hotelul de Bumbac)

Still in the Maramureș area, this time in the commune of Ocna Șugatag, Cotton Hotel, the first camping and fishing resort in Romania, is waiting for the enthusiasts of outdoor activities. In an extremely quiet and beautiful area, the space is arranged with several Indian tents, bed included, in a place specially designed as a return to nature for relaxation.

Two Worlds Camping (Camping Două Lumi)

Two Worlds Camping is in Blăjel, Transylvania, in a village with only 500 inhabitants, an area rich in famous fortified churches. The campsite is also an excellent starting point for a walk or bike ride (which you can rent right from the campsite) in the Carpathian Mountains. As facilities, the place has a common space for barbecue, showers, swimming pool, the possibility to opt for breakfast or lunch even with a package and bilingual library.

Camping La Livadă

It is a campsite in a hilly area of ​​Cheile Carașului, Caraș-Severin County, destinated for cyclists or motorcycle lovers. The area is also ideal for those who like to explore caves and nature, with a little twist from the classic “mountain”.

Ursa Mică Resort

For nature lovers who do not want to give up comfort, we recommend glamping, a concept increasingly popular in our country and quite accessible. Ursa Mică is such a resort, with a spectacular panorama towards Piatra Craiului. Located 49 km from Predeal, at an altitude of 1200 m, the campsite offers a spectacular landscape, but also the comfort and, if necessary, the warmth of home, the tents being equipped with a stove.

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