Travel tips  »  This year, add Dobrogea on your travel list

This year, add Dobrogea on your travel list

This year, add Dobrogea on your travel list

If during the summer all the cars seem to have fixed the GPS “to the beach”, we will try to find some reasons to visit Dobrogea in the other seasons as well.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve can offer you a vacation in the Reservation and at the sea. You can choose a destination where you can reach directly by car or more secluded settlements where you will have to make the transfer by boat.

For a fishing session, we recommend that you follow the ban period, when sport fishing is also prohibited (“catch and release”).

In the spring you can watch the ritual of the birds in the mating season, you can go kayaking among the beaches or you can enjoy walks on the beach in Sulina or on the one in Sfantu Gheorghe. In summer you can see the presence of several hundred species of birds and long boat rides on the Danube canals on lakes or off the Black Sea.

You can put on the list of protected reservations: Letea Forest, Caraorman Forest, you can do photo sessions near Sacalin Island, in Crisan, at Gura Portitei or in the beautiful village of Jurilovca.

In autumn you can see hundreds of birds preparing for the Great Migration, crossing the Danube Delta on their way to southern Europe or arriving in the Northern European Delta for winter.

Dobrogea Gorges

Dobrogea Gorges is a strictly protected area. It can be accessed by car, being located in Constanta County, near the city of Navodari. The area is known for its very handsome karst relief forms (quays and limestone cliffs), for the La Adam and Gura Dobrogei caves and for the vast areas of meadows where the cute harciogi always appear.

With a little luck, here you can admire the timid birds that are rarely seen: the blue gull, the red-breasted goose, the woodpecker, the hawk, the red-billed grebe or the green woodpecker.

On the way to Dobrogea Gorges you can make a few stops for archeological visits to Cheia (where there are Neolithic settlements), to Cogealac (where you can see archeological sites from the Roman period) or to Casian, where you can admire the natural amphitheater with cave inscriptions.

Get ready for a unique trip in this area, which will make you forget about the buzz of urban traffic.

Macin Mountains

Although the height does not recommend it (the highest peak is 467 m), the Macinului Mountains are the oldest mountain formation in the country. The mountains can be accessed from Greci commune or from Macin town.

Here you will find routes for cycling, hiking or equestrian tourism (Valea Jijilei, Culmea Pricopanului, Varful Crapcea, Cozluk, Dealul cu drum, Tutuianu, Valea Vinului or Povestile Macinului). The area is also an attraction for amphibian and reptile lovers).

Only here you can admire the Dobrogean beech forest (unique in the world), the Dobrogean peony, the Dobrogean Sphinx (a rocky formation similar to the Sphinx from Bucegi), the Dobrogean dragon (a snake about 2.60 meters long).

Here, too, birds can be tracked on their migration route (including several predatory species).

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