Travel tips  »  5 destinations you can visit by car from Sibiu

5 destinations you can visit by car from Sibiu

5 destinations you can visit by car from Sibiu

Sibiu, the former European Capital of Culture (in 2007), remains among our favorite destinations in Transylvania. Whether we are talking about the old center, where the Piata Mica faces Piata Mare, the Brukenthal Palace or the Evangelical Church, this medieval city seems to prepare a surprise for us whenever we visit it.

We suggest you get in a car (rented from our office in Sibiu, maybe) and rediscover Sibiu and the attractions near this beautiful city.

Sibiu (Hermannstadt)

Our tour starts from the city center, from the Council Tower, located between Piata Mica and Piata Mare. We stop to take a picture on the Bridge of Lies, on the way to Piata Mare, where we find the famous Brukenthal Museum. Built by Samuel von Brukenthal in 1777 (former governor of Transylvania), the palace became a public museum in 1817, being among the first museums to open in Europe.

Our tour continues to the Evangelical Church, located near the museum. One of the most impressive Gothic buildings in Transylvania, it houses one of the oldest clocks in Romania (dating from 1881).

After this visit we get in the car and head to the Astra Museum, located 4 km from the city of Sibiu. The Museum of Traditional Popular Civilization “ASTRA” started from an older project, the Historical Ethnographic Museum, inaugurated in 1905. Now the museum invites us to discover the typical Transylvanian rural settlement. Houses, workshops, hydraulic mill, church, traditional school are exhibited in the area of 96 hectares (a route of about 10 km). Inside the museum there is an inn that serves traditional delicacies, a great welcome after a day of wandering through the village of Sibiu.


With an SUV or a sports car rented from Enterprise, we set off for the most spectacular road in Romania! So spectacular, that even the Top Gear team turned their engines on Transfagarasan. The road that crosses the Fagaras Mountains connects the Muntenia area with Transylvania. Cartisoara, from Sibiu county is the “end of the road”, after a route of approximately 150 km, starting in Arges county. If we start the long road, on Transfagarasan, we can include a visit to the Vidraru Dam and Lake, Capra Waterfall and Balea Lake. A show for which we prepare with a full car and batteries from our camera charged!


If we are still preparing for a long journey, we have to put Transalpina on our itinerary list. The highest road in Romania, with the highest point at 2,145 m (Urdele Pass), connects Gorj and Alba counties, on a route of 148 km. The route also reaches some well-known peaks, which offer spectacular views: Papusa Peak (2,136 m) and Iezer Peak (2,157 m).


The oldest mountain resort in Romania is ready this year for another excellent ski season. Located at 35 km from Sibiu, Paltinis resort is the perfect choice for a “weekend getaway”. During the ski breaks we can visit the “Constantin Noica” Memorial House, the Tourists ‘House, the Doctors’ House and the “Change in the Face” Hermitage.

The fortified churches Biertan and Cisnadioara

Transylvania is known for its fortified churches, and we set out to include 2 of them in our route.

The fortified church of Biertan, dating from the 14th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on a hill, in the center of the town, the church resembles an emperor who watches over his kingdom. Surrounded by walls, 6 defense towers and 3 bastions, the church is well guarded by the 19 locks, for which it was awarded in 1990, at the Universal Exposition. Biertan is also known for the Divorce Chamber, where couples who wanted to end their marriage were brought.

The fortified church of Cisnadioara, built in the 12th century, is very well preserved and boasts the oldest organ in Romania, still functional.

Our route in Sibiu and its surroundings ends with a delicious lunch served at one of the chic restaurants in central Sibiu!

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